— About Our Kind Approach —


We Are A Zero-Waste Cafe

We value and believe in Zero Waste initiatives and practices here at Kind Cafe. As we try to bring a kinder cafe experience to Vancouver, you’ll notice we have reusable cloths instead of napkins, no single use plastics, no single use cups, and a BYOC (bring your own cup/container) policy! We have worked with suppliers to ensure all products that come into the cafe are without any plastic and as sustainable as possible!

We Are Proudly Vegan

When it comes to reducing your impact on the planet, some choices make a bigger difference than others. Staying away from meat and dairy products is the single most effective way to help the planet. And not only are you being kind to the planet by eating vegan, you’re obviously also being kind to animals and kind to your body and its health! Our menu is proudly 100% vegan with housemade cheeses, mylk, dressings, and so much more! For our vegan friends who adopt a soy free, gluten free, or nut free diet, we have many options available for you too.


Apply to be part of our Zero Waste Market

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We’re always looking for fun event ideas at Kind Cafe. Got an idea you’d like us to hear? Send it to our events team via the form below. If you’ve got an event you’d like to host yourself, visit our bookings page

Thanks, Team Kind :)


Address: 3080 Main St, Vancouver, B.C. V5T 3G5