About Kind Cafe


We are on a mission to create a kinder experience…

To be kind to the planet. To be kind to the animals.
To be kind to community. To be kind to ourselves.

Kind Cafe is a zero waste, plant-based cafe in Vancouver, Canada, opened by father and daughter duo Samantha and Marvin Emerman. The cafe creates an environment that supports health and sustainability for both customers and the planet. Kind Cafe was created in response to the growing demand for more plant-based foods and a decrease in animal product consumption. 

Kind Cafe’s Mission:

To create a kinder cafe experience within the Vancouver community through plant-based nutrition, eco-friendly
 resources, and supporting local suppliers:

  • To be KIND to our bodies through nutrition and healthy choices.

  • To be KIND to animals by eliminating meat, dairy, and by-products.

  • To be KIND to the planet through a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. 

  • To be KIND to the community by sourcing and supporting local.

About the Father-Daughter Duo

Samantha Emerman has 10 years of restaurant experience and has a diploma as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coaching. Samantha has an inspired love for cooking, baking, and a passion for animals and the environment. She is committed to the idea that the integrity of food goes far beyond taste and commerce to what is ultimately best for the planet.

Marvin Emerman has been a restaurateur for 30 years. In 1996 he started Sammy J. Peppers; a 250 seat casual dining restaurant in Langley and proceeded to take over the Blarney Stone in Gastown too. Marvin has always looked after his health and been concerned about the environment. He became 100% Vegan over 5 years ago and during that time he has immersed himself in the vegan lifestyle.